I am having trouble viewing the 3D Models. (Mac OS X Java Fix)

Mac Users:

Due to recent updates from Apple / Java, eHuman can no longer support Tooth Atlas version 6.6 software on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)  [released 8/2009].  Tooth Atlas users experiencing issues must upgrade to Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or 10.8 (Mountain Lion). 

If your Tooth Atlas software already works correctly, do not update Java and continue to use your Tooth Atlas Software

Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.8 users who are installing for the first time or experiencing issues:  Please follow the steps below.

1)  Update your Mac OS X and Java software:  Go to the Apple Menu / Software Update and update your software.  Restart computer if prompted. Go to http://www.java.com/ and download / install the latest version of Java 7.

2)  Insert your Tooth Atlas disc and run the installer.

3)  Download the Tooth Atlas v6.6 patch file http://www.ehuman.com/files/MacFullPatch.zip , unzip the file, right click MacFullPatch and select open to run the patch.  Follow the prompts asking for an administrator user name and password.

4)  Download Java for Mac OS X 2013 003 http://www.ehuman.com/files/JavaForOSX2013-003.dmg   [64MB]

5)  Download and install "Pacifist" software. (which allows you to install an older version of Java) http://www.charlessoft.com/

6)  Revert to a working version of Java using the Pacifist software:

    6a)  Run Pacifist from your Applications directory, wait 15 sections and select "Not Yet" to run the software for free.  It is ok to select "Don't Install" for the Pacifist QuickLook plug-in dialog box. 

    6b)  Select "Open Package" and select the downloaded JavaForOSX2013-003.dmg file you previously downloaded. 

    6c)  Select "Contents of JavaForOSX.pkg" and press "Install".  Keep "Use Administrator Privileges" checked and press "Install" on the dialog pop up.

    6d)  On the "File already exists" and "Application already exists" pop up dialogs, check "Don't ask again for this installation" and select "Replace".

    6e)  The installation process with take 5-10 minutes.  After installation quit the Pacifist Application.

7)  Run the Tooth Atlas Software.  Please click Install / Allow / Run on any pop up windows.

8)  Mac OS X 10.7 users:  Ensure you do not update Java via "Software Update" or you will be required to repeat steps 3-6.
Mac OS X 10.8 users:  Open System Preferences / Software Update, and turn off "Automatically check for updates" / Install system data and security files.

We thank you for your patience.  We are happy to announce that Tooth Atlas version 7.0 will be released this Fall and will not be using the Java platform.  Tooth Atlas version 7 will provide users with an improved installation experience, refined navigation, as well as new features and content.

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