eHuman puts interactive 3D neuronatomy in the palm of your hand.

MILPITAS, CA (September 19, 2011) – eHuman, the industry leader in 3D interactive dental educational software, today announced the release of their Interactive 3D Brainstem (“3D IBS”) App to meet the emerging needs of neuroanatomy students, teachers, and practitioners worldwide. The 3D IBS is available for Mac users on the Mac App Store SM, on, and can be downloaded by iPad® users from the App Store.

The 3D IBS is the most accurate, detailed, three-dimensional computer model of the brainstem in existence. It enables users to visualize in three-dimensional space the external morphology of the brainstem and its complex network of cranial nerve fibers and nuclei. The interactive 3D models can be rotated, highlighted, and zoomed in and out by the user. The program boasts features such as: optional labeling that identifies the external morphology of the brainstem and cranial nerves, a text window that explains the physiology of the selected anatomy, and an option to visualize the brain stem nuclei associated with various functions such as pain and temperature or light and touch. These features assist students, teachers, and practitioners in understanding the orientation and function of the various structures within the brainstem in three-dimensional space.

Learning the intricate inter-relationships between the anatomic structures is further enhanced by the ability to view all of the internal morphologic components at one time or to select and highlight individual components while being able to control the opacity-transparency of the other anatomical structures.

Neuroanatomy educators will find the 3D IBS, with its interactive and anatomically accurate representations, an invaluable tool during lectures and presentations for the teaching of the intricate anatomy of the brainstem. In contrast to other alternatives that are non-interactive and two-dimensional, the 3D IBS will enable students of neuroanatomy to interact and view the brainstem anatomy from different angles and in three-dimensional space enabling them to acquire a superior understanding of the anatomy. Lastly, the 3D IBS enhances relationships between healthcare providers (e.g., neurologists, surgeons, neuroscientists, chiropractors, physical therapists, physician’s assistants) and patients by facilitating their communication and improving patient understanding of diagnosis and treatment.

When I was in dental school, neuroanatomy was one of the most difficult courses.  As a visual learner, I never felt like I really understood the material because I had a hard time visualizing the brain stem and all the nerve tracts and nuclei that are present.  It makes a huge difference to have a 3D accurate representation of the brainstem that I can rotate around, label, and visualize where everything is located.”

Charles J. Goodacre, DDS, MSD
Dean and Professor of Restorative Dentistry
Loma Linda University School of Dentistry

As a professor of neuroscience in a physical therapy program, one of the hardest challenges is getting my students to understand and appreciate the 3-D relationship of structures within the central nervous system with the anatomy of the brainstem often being the most difficult for them to conceptualize. After purchasing this program, I have no doubt that my job will now be immeasurably easier. My students will be able to use this program to supplement their study of photos and models to gain a better understanding of how the brainstem is organized. As I continue to explore and play with this program, I am shocked at the level of detail provided and the graphics are stunning. It is an easy program to navigate and I have no doubt that it will enrich my teaching and facilitate a quicker understanding of the brainstem among my students. These developers have produced a masterful work and I look forward to immediately purchasing any future product they develop. “

Dyer Diehl, PT, PhD
Assistant Professor
Krannert School of Physical Therapy
University of Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN

This is an awesome app that I use to illustrate the neurology of the upper cervical spine and brainstem to my patients. This amazing medium allows my patients to visualize what is occurring within their bodies and enables me to help them understand how the nervous system works."

Nathaniel Elkins, DC
Los Angeles, CA

This program presents the brainstem nuclei and their connecting cranial nerve fibers in a ‘virtual’ manner so that images can be more easily visualized as three dimensional.  They also can be separated by sensory and motor functions as well as by systems (e.g. parasympathetic, sensory, branchial motor or somatic motor nuclei) to help with understanding. The beginning student always finds this area complicated and challenging.  This project is an effort to make that process more enjoyable and reasonable… The engineers at eHuman have been amazing at capturing the elements of this area and creating a format which should be a helpful assistance to all interested in this important neurological area."

Dr. William M. Hooker,
Associate Professor, Department of Dental Educational Services
Loma Linda School of Dentistry; and
Associate Professor, Department of Pathology and Human Anatomy
Loma Linda University School of Medicine

eHuman’s products are already the worldwide standard for dental education. The company expects the 3D IBS to complement its other products and soon emerge as the standard tool for teaching, learning, and conveying neuroanatomy across medical and dental disciplines. Interactive 3D Brainstem is available for Mac users on the App Store. A web version is available for Windows and Mac users at iPad users can download Interactive 3D Brainstem from the App Store.

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About eHuman:

eHuman develops interactive, immersive , next-generational education applications that radically transform dental and medical education.  Our award-winning, advanced learning technology empowers better understanding for students, educators, and patients alike.

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