Frequently Asked Questions

When using the Atlas, I sometimes recieve a message resembling "ActiveX blocked".

If this message occurs, please make the following change in Internet Explorer; In the 'Tools' menu select 'Internet Options'/'Advanced' tab/scroll down to 'security'. Make sure that 'Allow active content to run in files on My Computer' is selected. Click Apply and re-open the Atlas to ensure the changes have taken effect.

I'm experiencing excessive loading times and my browser freezes occasionally...


Increase Java memory settings:


PC Instructions

Mac Instructions



Empty Safari Cache:


Safari -> Empty Cache...  




When I try to access some of the features of the software I receive the message; "You have no more days left on your license".

This message appears once the 14 day trial period is over and the software has not been correctly registered. This message may also appear if modifications have been made to the host machine. If you have not registered your product, please do so. If you are unable to access the internet, or if you have already registered, please contact our Support office, via the information above for assistance.

How do I skip the box that asks if I want to run AtiveX content on my computer?

You can skip this warning by enabling the following check box on Internet Explorer:

Internet Options -> Advanced -> Security -> Allow active content to run in files on My Computer 

When I run my software, will my disc have to be in my computer, or will my computer have to be online?

No. Once the Atlas is installed, you should not need your disc and you should not need to be online. We strongly suggest keeping your disc in the case somewhere safe. Should you need to reinstall, they will both be necessary.

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