Q: I refactored my computer and my old key no longer works, how do I exchange it for a new one?

A: Getting a new license key is extremely easy. Just fill out the form here Exchange License Key and a new key will be generated for you.

Q: Why is the product being cut-off for web-based version?

A: Due to different variety of screen resolutions, please use the Settings button located at top-right corner of any web browser to zoom out and fit the product onto your browser. At this point, there will be a Fullscreen button located at bottom-right corner of the product for you to enter fullscreen mode.

Q: Why do some of the images, videos or models on my desktop version look different from my web-based version?

A: It is because your web-based version still has cached assets from the older version which can be deleted using this Google Chrome extension Clear Cache. Make sure to select option “Indexed DB” before you clear the cache. We always have our latest version of all products for web-based platform.

Q: Can I share product licenses between computers? (I have it installed on my desktop can I now install it on my laptop)

A: No; our Atlas products are for a single user on a single computing device (PC, Mac, or iPad).

Q: Can I get an evaluation copy of your Tooth Atlas, Occlusion Atlas, Head and Neck Anatomy Atlas or other products?

A: Yes!  On the product page for each Atlas on our website we have a download link for the latest version of the software.  You may download the product and use it for two weeks risk free. If you then wish to purchase it, please contact sales@ehuman.com to obtain a license code.

Q: Once I buy your Atlas products, do I get free updates?

A: Yes!  We are always adding more great content to our products and enhancing features and we provide these updates for free for the current version of the product that you purchased. (This does not mean free upgrades to a newer version.)

Q: Can multiple users on one computer access the installed software?

A: No. Our license keys are designed for one user per machine only.

Q: Can I use the license key for desktop versions to activate the products on iPad?

A: No. Due to Apple’s regulations, our registration system for iPad versions are different from desktop versions, so you need to create an account with us  and purchase the product via the iPad version.

If you have any other questions, please contact support@ehuman.com.


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