Removable Partial Dentures

Modern Practice in Removable Partial Dentures is a state-of-the art electronic program on removable partial dentures (RPDs) designed for dental students, practicing dentists, dental laboratory technicians, and educators at all levels.  This one-of-a-kind evidence-based eBook transcends traditional textbooks with the integration of digital technology, non-linear navigation, and portability.

With 61 eChapters the text provides the foundational information on which RPD concepts are based and each chapter is richly illustrations with nearly 3,000 color images.  More than 50 videos are provided to illustrate both laboratory and clinical procedures plus over 150 animations illustrating how removable partial dentures function.  Readers also can enjoy the first ever “3D Interactive Program” that simulates the placement and removal of several different RPD designs from a cast.  Users will be able to study the theory, visualize and apply design and fabrication concepts, and understand post-placement patient management (aftercare).

Everything you need in one place.  The non-linear programming and ease of navigation allow users to move through the content quickly whether at home, in the classroom or laboratory, or in the clinic, making this your ultimate portable reference source for removable partial prosthodontics.



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Here’s what’s new in Removable Partial Dentures:

  • The first ever “3D Interactive RPD Program” that simulates the placement and removal of several different RPD designs from a cast
  • 61 eChapters that provide foundational and advanced concepts, covering all types of removable partial dentures
  • Richly illustrated with nearly 3,000 color images
  • Over 200 3D animations and videos linked with location in text
  • Over 2,000 reference links within the text rather than selective reading
  • Nonlinear programming and ease of navigation
  • Image gallery
  • Animation and Video gallery
  • Content provided by 41 authors
  • The ultimate resource for removable partial prosthodontics


  • Operating System: Windows XP or newer, or Mac OS X 10.8+
  • Hardware: 5GB free hard drive and 4GB RAM