eHuman Digital Anatomy and University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry’s faculty demonstrate new capabilities in eHuman’s flagship product, the 3D Tooth Atlas 9

FREMONT, CA   July 30, 2018 – eHuman Digital Anatomy recently collaborated with University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry’s faculty to demonstrate the newest version of eHuman’s flagship product, 3D Tooth Atlas 9, which includes new cutting-edge Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality capabilities. These new features allow students to see anatomy interactively in 3D in order to better perceive spatial relationships and improve understanding.

Tooth Atlas 9 became an instant hit among faculty and students in this demonstration, thanks to its unique features and important benefits. These technological advancements have led to most schools leaving the era of traditional textbooks to embrace eHuman’s cutting-edge interactive digital dental education software.


“We are excited to work with our academic partners to build and realize the next generation of dental education together”, says Dr. Kevin Montgomery, CEO of eHuman. “With this latest version of Tooth Atlas, we are applying new technologies like Virtual Reality to help students learn better, be more engaged, provide a deeper understanding and improved retention, and empower instructors to teach in new ways”.

Dr. Noelle Santucci, Course Director for Dental Anatomy and Dr. Bina Surti, Director of Technology at University of the Pacific Dugoni School of Dentistry, stated, “This technology fits our millennial student’s style of learning as they are excited to and easily assimilate new technology. As faculty, moving from a 2-dimensional PowerPoint presentation to 3-dimensional visualization of teeth engages students in the learning process and increases students understanding of tooth morphology. The application of this technology extends to other dental specialties including periodontology, endodontics, removable prosthodontics and oral surgery.”

The revolutionary 3D Interactive Tooth Atlas is a tool designed to be used by dental students, faculty members and practitioners around the world. The 3D Interactive Tooth Atlas has been integrated into the curriculum of more than 70% of North American dental schools and is currently in use throughout the international dental community as a state-of-the-art professional and patient education solution.

Some of the new features of the Tooth Atlas 9 are:

  • New Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Mode
  • Redesigned UI/UX
  • Real-time custom model annotations
  • More in-depth quizzes
  • Refined images and more

The product features 3D sections on Periodontology, Odontogenesis, Anthropology, Dental Embryology, and Clinical Access. The Clinical Access portal provides over 550 3D models of teeth of every anatomical variation, pathology, and developmental/evolutionary variation to provide superior understanding to facilitate patient and staff education.

The company will continue working with students and faculty at UOP to test and improve the Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Mode, which is a new feature in the newest version of the product. The new Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality feature along with a redesigned UI/UX to the web-based platform proves to be an innovative educational experience for users like no other.

About eHuman:

eHuman develops interactive, immersive, next-generation education applications that radically transform dental and medical education. Our award-winning, advanced learning technology empowers better understanding for educators, students, and practitioners alike.

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